Why Keeping A Food Journal Makes Losing Weight Easier As A New Mom

Hi Guys!

Are you a new mamma ready to start shedding excess baby weight and get back in shape? Have you fully recovered and gotten clearance from your doctor that exercise is A-OK?


Even if you CAN’T exercise, do you still want to crush your post-baby weight-loss goals without sacrificing your milk supply or sanity?

We’ve all heard it before: weight loss is “just math“…

Eat fewer calories to lose weight. It’s that simple.”

But if you’re a new mom getting used to the changes in your body and trying to take care of a baby… you know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Weight Loss is not impossible, but it isn’t ‘simple’ after you’ve just had a baby, either. From emotional eating to the impossible beauty-standards the media has drilled into our souls, getting fit is FULL of complexity.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be easier. It doesn’t mean that losing baby-weight has to be full of stress, confusion, and emotions.

Returning to the ‘math’ analogy… what’s one of the first things that we learn about doing math?

Show your work.

We are much more likely to succeed at something when we implement systems and habits that build on one another.

That being said, losing unhealthy weight does not require deprivation- but awareness. How do we stay aware and accountable to our body’s needs?

The same way we do complex math equations.

We write it all down. Step-by-step.

From establishing your goals to tracking changes in your body, keeping track of your health and fitness journey through a journal or app can be a huge help.

This post will cover why keeping a food journal can be a great tool in your fat loss journey, and help with the emotional toll body-image issues and post-pregnancy hormones take on your mental health.

I’ll also share my free health and fitness tracking template! That way, you can get started right away without having to drive yourself crazy figuring out what is essential to track and what isn’t as important.

Why Keeping A Health + Fitness Journal Helps You Lose Weight

Number 1: Tracking Food Intake

To lose weight, we must burn through more calories than we consume. When you’re a new mom- especially a breastfeeding mom, not only are you ravenous, but you’re also insanely exhausted. We can sometimes lose track of just how much we’re consuming(as well as it’s nutritional value).

Having a place where you can jot down what you’re eating each day is a great way to identify areas where you can replace certain foods with healthier options.

Number 2: Tracking Progress

Being on a weight loss journey is an emotionally tense process. It’s easy to get discouraged, and if the only way you’re tracking your progress is with a scale, you could trigger a bad headspace and feel frustrated.

Journaling gives you a place to track progress in multiple ways. You can log measurements, weight- or make a note of how well your clothes fit.

Having a place to jot it all down will let you look back on how far you’ve come, and make staying on track easier.

Number 3: Tracking Your Feelings

There are… SO many things are going on after you have a baby, lol. Your body and emotions can feel foreign. 

You’re overwhelmed and stressed, especially with a worldwide pandemic going on. So you must take time for yourself to decompress.

A journal is a safe and private place where you can talk about how you’re feeling. As moms, we feel compelled to take on the stress and bear it with big smiles. 

We feel so intrinsically called to the duty of motherhood that we often neglect our mental health.

Keeping a health and fitness journal is not just for tracking your physical wellness; you can use it to better identify stressors and work through them.

Sometimes writing something down can make us feel better. And using a journal when you feel stressed can help you avoid emotional eating.

(Not that you should deny yourself cookies once in awhile… cookies are great. You know what, have a cookie WHILE you’re journaling)

How To Start A Food Journal

Now that you see the benefits of using a health journal, you might be reluctant because you’re not sure how to start. 

Well, I’ve saved you a Pinterest search(sorry), and you can download a template I made special for you.

Here’s the download.

Food Journal Templates (60 downloads)

You can just print these sheets out and get started journaling. I’ve made you a:

  • Goals” Template
  • Daily Tracking” Template
  • Weekly Progress” Template

They’re all pretty self-explanatory, and make it easier to get you started.

Soon, you’ll be inspired to create your OWN templates that fit YOUR exact journey.

You Did Something Incredible. CELEBRATE.

What’s most important is that you remember how INCREDIBLE you are. You have done incredible things. 

Your BODY has done incredible things.

Show yourself so much love. 

You are perfect.

It’s totally okay to want to feel your body get fit and healthy. Just never forget it’s about being healthy.

It’s not easy to love ourselves. As new moms, it’s easy to feel insanely insecure and question ourselves all the time… 

But the most essential workout you’ll do is on the inside. Our goals for our bodies will follow when we get our heads in a healthy space.

Make sure you tell yourself every day how amazing you are. CELEBRATE the beautiful life your body has created.

Teach your little one(s) that loving yourself is important, beautiful, and necessary.

Take care of yourself. Take care of your heart.

You got this.

You GOT THIS, mama.