5 Fatty Foods You MUST Eat To Lose Weight

Fat is your friend… and food! No, really. For those of us who feel frustrated when it comes to losing weight, our first step in trying to shed extra pounds is to avoid fats like the plague. 


If you’re on a mission to improve your fitness and healthy eating habits, eating fat is essential. 

Yeah, it’s true.

There are MANY high-fat foods that aren’t just healthy- they’re crucial contributors to fat-loss.

In this post, we’ll go over…

5 Fatty Foods To Eat To Lose Weight After Baby.


The alpha and omega of healthy fats, if you’ve spent any time in the fitness community, you’ll know that avocado is a fan favorite. If you’re just starting your health and wellness journey, you might be shocked that super-fit folks are willing to eat a 300 calorie, fat-rich vegetable without batting an eye.

The fact is, Avocados are an incredibly healthy fat that you should consume regularly. If you’re trying to trim down, you can eat ½ an avocado as part of a balanced meal.

Avocados are full of nutrients and fiber. So make sure you keep those avocados on hand.


Eating nuts is another great snack that is super nutrient-dense and full of healthy fats. Not to mention, they taste great on a ton of foods, so they’re easy to incorporate into your meals.

The healthiest nuts you can crunch on are almonds, pistachios, walnuts, and cashews. If you’re looking for a snack that’ll quench your need for crunch- or a healthy way to add texture to your meal, nuts are perfect.


Yeah, it’s true. Most of us LOVE cheese, and to imagine you can enjoy it while eating healthy and getting fit seems too good to be true.

Well, it isn’t.

Cheese is a super healthy addition to your diet (as long as you’re not lactose intolerant, of course).

Just make sure you’re mindful of your portion sizes if you’re trying to tone up. Fat is healthy, but too much of a good thing can still result in delayed progress.

Some of the healthiest cheeses you can eat are Feta, Mozzarella, Blue cheese, and many more. Here’s a link where you can find a whole list of super healthy cheeses!

Dark Chocolate 

Most chocolate fans can find ourselves feeling a bit deprived while learning newer and healthier habits. But you don’t need to deprive yourself (a healthy, successful, and toned life has no room for deprivation, my friend). If you want to satisfy your chocolate cravings outside of a treat meal, go ahead and have some Dark chocolate. 

Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants. For some, it’s flavor can be a bit intense, but having some dark chocolate is actually a healthy addition to your day (in moderation, of course).

Olive Oil 

While it is true that avoiding oily, fatty foods is healthy, not all oils are created equal. Olive oil is a beautiful, delicious, and healthy oil that you can use while cooking or making salad dressings. Adding a touch of olive oil to a dish is a great way to get some of your essential fats without having to fit your meal around it.

There’s Way More Healthy Fats Out There For You To Enjoy!

So don’t be afraid to do some more research! Here’s a link to a more extensive list with other healthy fats to try!

The most important thing to remember is that your focus must be HEALTH. Whatever goals you envision for your figure will accompany a healthy and active lifestyle. Here’s some stuff you SHOULD avoid if you want to lose weight.

Don’t Under Eat Your Calories

It’s true that weight-loss is mostly just math. In order to understand the calorie deficit you need, you’ll first figure out how many calories your body needs to maintain weight. 

From this, you’ll understand that eating fewer calories = losing weight and eating more calories = gaining weight

Make sure you consult a doctor, wellness professional, or use an approved online app to help you determine the calorie deficit you need to meet your goals.

But once you do, do NOT under eat. You will sabotage yourself. It not only makes staying on track almost impossible, but it’ll also harm your body and make it even harder to lose weight.

Don’t Use A Scale To Measure Your Progress

I know you might be thinking…


But listen for a sec…

The number on the scale is the WORST way you can measure your progress. 


The simple fact is, your “weight” can fluctuate like CRAZY for a PLETHORA of reasons… not to mention… MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT.

If you’re simply going off of what the scale says, you’re likely to feel like you’re hitting plateaus or GAINING WEIGHT.

This is detrimental not just to your goals, but also to your mental health. Yeah, guess what… you’re mental health is just as important as your physical health. They go hand-in-hand.

What you can do instead is invest in a BMI scale, and record your measurements. Using a simple number scale is trash, but a quality BMI scale is both affordable and helpful (this is the one I have. It’s great, go check the reviews).

When you track your measurements, you’ll usually see consistent progress. While you’re gaining muscle and slimming down, your unhealthy fat will be melting off. 

But if you’re just focusing on how much you weigh, you’ll may not notice the transformation happening.

It’s also a good idea to take progress pics. I know this is super tough, but there’s no better measure for success than seeing yourself get stronger and fitter on film.

Don’t Avoid Your Favorite Treats

A healthy life is all about moderation. Just because you’re trying to get a specific result doesn’t mean you can never enjoy your favorite unhealthy foods. Just be mindful of your eating. The end goal of your fitness journey should be to learn how to intuitively eat without having to count calories.

You’ll know how to listen to your body and enjoy the foods you love without binging. You need to keep your happiness as part of your journey. A healthy lifestyle is not the end of eating delicious foods… It’s just expanding your diet- and your mindset- to include healthy foods that make you feel AMAZING.

Because you WILL feel AMAZING when you eat right and get active in a healthy way.

My (Almost) No-Cry Sleep-Training Experience| Why I Started Sleep-Training At 8 Weeks

It’s true, I started working with Jake on sleep-training at 8 weeks. Before Jake was born, I planned on going all-out on sleep-training as early as possible, but I changed my mind a bit after he was born.

For a few reasons, I started to push full-blown sleep-training for when he got a little older. However, while I wasn’t after a full 12-hours yet, I chose to establish a bedtime routine anyway. That way, when the time came for ACTUAL sleep-training, we wouldn’t struggle with the “putting him to bed” part because he’d already be used to it.

I wanted bedtime to always be this peaceful time for all of us. A time of bonding, love, comfort, and free of anxiety for Jake or us.

And so I did as all millennial mothers and frequented the internet to educate myself on some bedtime routines that I thought would work for Jake.

How I Established My 2-Month-Old Baby’s Bedtime Routine

FIRST: I started by just paying attention to Jake’s habits. We started noticing that he would pass out for his longest stretch of sleep around 6PM. This was around 6 or 8-weeks old, I think(around Christmas time).

This was a deep sleep, and our post-natal routine until then had been cuddling on the couch and falling asleep on daddy.

Recognizing this relatively consistent “sleepy-window”, we made his official “bedtime” 7PM. We DID end up changing bedtime to 6PM, because 7PM ended up being just a bit too late for him. 

SECOND: I tried to fit all of his age-appropriate feedings during his waking hours to help him sleep and ensure he was getting all of the nutrition he needed.

(I’ve struggled a lot with breastfeeding/pumping, so I was always very stressed about his eating. You can learn more about it in my post [here], if you want.)

Anyway, we kept a pretty strict routine:

  1. 5:45PM Bathtime
  1. 5:50PM(ish) Fresh diaper and swaddle
  1. 5:55PM(ish) Bottle
  1. 6:00PM Lay down in bedside bassinet with a pacifier (he was usually asleep from his bottle feeding)

Sometimes he would fuss, and we’d have to go back in and comfort him or replace a pacifier once or twice. 

But as the days went on, and he got used to a routine, we were able to lay him down quicker and quicker without intervening throughout the evening.

After a week or so, we could plop him in bed with a pacifier, and he’d take care of the rest. From then on, he’d wake up when he was ready for food and then go right back to sleep no problem.

For the next couple of months, he was a pretty great sleeper. He’d fall asleep at 6PM, and wouldn’t wake up again until between 11PM – 4AM for a feed. I was still letting him decide when he wanted to eat at night.

Transitioning From Bed-side to the Nursery

This was really tough for me. I had a lot of anxiety about him not being within arms-reach… I’m sure you also feel/felt it too.

Aside from just the typical new-mom anxiety, I had 2 cats. While I love them dearly, I was always afraid they would jump into Jake’s crib and accidentally smother him.

Obviously, I could close the door to his bedroom… but these were just “mommy” fears.

Not to mention… I loved having Jake right next to me at night. I loved reaching over and putting my hand on his little belly.

I loved listening to his breathing, and the convenience of quickly being able to replace a missing pacifier without having to get up.

But around 3 months old, we recognized that teaching him to sleep independently in his room was essential for long-term success. 

I didn’t want to wait until he was more… sentient… and feel extra stress from the transition.

Some of my anxiety was alleviated, thanks to the Owlet Baby Monitoring System. We love it. It has its kinks, but it TRULY helped with sleep-training because I could always look over and see his little heartbeat and know he was breathing.

If you want to learn more about baby products that helped me survive motherhood, here’s my post on that, too!

We followed our same bedtime routine, but instead of laying him in his bassinet, we would lay him down in his crib.

And to ease my stress, when my husband and I went to bed, I would bring him back to the bassinet.

After a few days, I felt confident leaving him in there all night. His sleep evened out, and we celebrated both his bravery and mine that he was sleeping in a big-boy bed.

His naps were shitty. 30-minute catnaps periodically that were always a struggle full of crying until he’d conk out. I figured it was a trade-off for now for a decent sleep.

But things got a little complicated around 3.5 months old.

When I Decided To Start Sleep-Training | The 4-Month Sleep Regression

So Jake tends to be ‘advanced’ when it comes to meeting milestones. He was always able to lift his head from the time he was born, rolling over at 3 months, etc.

He also started teething at 2 months old AND having the 4-month sleep regression at 3.5 months old! So it was a whammy of a time, lol. My boy went from at least 6-hour stretches to waking every 1.5 to 2 hours.

It was really rough because I was the only one getting up with him at night. As a freelance copywriter, I work from home, and my schedule is flexible. Whereas my husband has to get up very early.

He would always take care of Jake at night “until we went to bed”, so I’m not saying he wasn’t being a wonderfully devoted dad.

But waking up almost every hour, and sometimes having a little bean that was inconsolable for hours at a time takes a toll.

(… as I’m sure you understand…)

There were a few nights when Jake wasn’t the only one crying like a baby, lol.

When I read that the 4-month sleep regression never technically ‘ends’, I decided it was time to sleep train.

(yeah sorry if this is the first time you’re finding THAT out)

I figured if I could sleep-train him DURING a regression, it might future-proof his sleeping for when the next regressions hit.

My “Little-To-No-Cry” Sleep-Training Method Part 1

When I say “my” sleep-training techniques, let me be clear that I’m not an expert. I just took a bunch of tips and ideas from multiple resources and implemented them in a way that I thought would be most effective for Jake.

This is just an amalgamation of researched sleep-training methods combined with what I knew about my own baby.

I knew for sure that I wanted as little crying as possible. I’m a big softy, and I wasn’t going to cope well with CIO(cry-it-out). I could handle a little bit of crying, that’s to be expected, but I wouldn’t be able to leave Jake alone in the room for more than a few minutes at a time.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to do that, it just wasn’t right for me.

Now, you have to understand something. Your kid is most likely going to cry at some point, but you learn the different types of crying.

You’ll start to recognize the “I’m pissed that you aren’t holding me” cry versus a “Mommy I need you” cry.

Trust me… you WILL know the difference. One cry will make your heart hurt, of course… but the other…

The other fires instinct through your limbs like lightning and your baby will be in your arms so fast it was like they were always there.

And pity whoever was in your way.

So, while I prefer no-cry sleep training methods… I accepted that there would be times when my baby was going to cry, and that’s okay.

I started the same way I always start. I went to the internet and researched no-cry sleep training methods.

I was kind of emotional and super exhausted and ended up paying $100 bucks for a “personalized” sleep-training plan.

I did benefit from some of what it had to share, but it was far from REALLY personalized, and you could find any of the techniques I learned from it for free online.

This FB Group is the ONLY Mom Group I am on, and it’s an INCREDIBLE sleep-training resource and community. I strongly recommend it.

After researching, I decided that taking the pacifier away at night might be the key to Jake’s long-term success.

I chose to strictly focus on night-time sleep-training and leave naps for later. I also learned that naps and night sleep are handled by two different areas of the brain, so I could let Jake keep his pacifier for naps.

After some research, I made my only goal on night one be: 

Get Jake to fall asleep without a pacifier.

It didn’t matter what other soothing techniques I used… as long as, by the end, he fell asleep without a pacifier.

He definitely did not like this. At all.

And this is where the “almost” part of my “no-cry” method comes in. Jake cried, he was a mad baby.

But I cuddled, rocked, sang, and provided bountiful butt-pats until he finally settled, and begrudgingly fell asleep.

It took me about an hour.

That night he slept for 5 hours straight for the first time in almost a month.

It definitely made me sad to hear him cry because I could see in his face that he knew that I knew what he wanted.

And he did not understand why mommy wasn’t letting him have his pacifier.

I teared up a little with guilt. It would’ve been so easy to give in, stick a pacifier in Jake’s mouth, and be the good guy again…

But I knew it wasn’t what was best for Jake.

 So I just hugged, and love, and rocked that baby in every other way I could think of to comfort him.

I also teared up with pride. 

I was so proud of him. 

I was so proud of him when he finally fell asleep without the pacifier. Seeing him take that first step in mastering a skill was so beautiful.

And once he DID fall asleep… he didn’t wake up again until around 10PM.

And when he woke up whining, I told myself I’d give him 10 minutes to see if he could settle down (as long as his cries were just whines).

And within 4 minutes… he was back to sleep ON HIS OWN.

He ended up eating around 2AM and then conked back out AGAIN without a pacifier. Only waking again for another feed around 4AM.

It felt like such a HUGE victory.

Night two took about as long as night one, but I was also added in the “pick up and put down” method at the same time. 

When I had him “calm”, I’d lay him down in bed, and if he did more than whine, I picked him up and comforted him until he settled down again.

My husband or I stayed in the room with him until he fell asleep during the first couple of weeks. 

Neither of us could handle leaving him alone to cry any length of time without us being right by his side. So we stayed and supported him throughout the sleep-training journey.

My “Little-To-No-Cry” Sleep-Training Method Part 2

As the days went on, bedtime took anywhere from 10-30 mins. He’d whine, but never really cry to the point he was suffering, and my husband and I took turns reading him stories and loving on him.

One night, by accident, we noticed something. Something very huge.

It was my husband’s turn to put Jake to bed that night, and he came downstairs quite suddenly- much sooner than was conceivably possible.

I had heard Jake was struggling more than usual to go down. Kyle (my husband) looked a bit crestfallen as he descended the stairs. I asked what was wrong and he said, “I forgot my phone. It looks like it’s gonna be a long night, so I at least wanna have my phone for some of it”.

Yet, as he was saying that, we realized that Jake had suddenly gone quiet. We waited, breaths held- confused and ready for a shrill demand from our son that his father return to his post in the rocking chair.

But the quiet continued.

I opened the Owlet app, and lo and behold, our incredible little baby was fast asleep.

Perhaps a fluke, we thought. 

Maybe he was just extra tired that day, we surmised.

So I decided to try something similar the following night.

I followed our usual bedtime routine. Which ended with lullabies, hugs, kisses, and “mommy and daddy love you so much, have the best sleep ever! Goodnight”.

I laid Jakey down, and I left the room.

I stood outside the door, listened to him whine for maybe 30 seconds… and then he rolled over and went to sleep.

My husband and I realized then that our presence in the room had actually been doing more harm than good.

We were distracting him.

Our little hero didn’t need us to fall asleep. He had it in the bag, we just hadn’t realized it.

And from then on out, Mr. Jake’s sleep improved almost 80%.

Part of my sleep training was getting Jake on a more set feeding schedule.

I wasn’t ready to cut his night feedings(as explained above), but part of my research helped me decide that Jake would eat once around 10PM, and then he would not eat again until at least 3AM.

If Jake woke up earlier than 3AM, I would let him use his pacifier to soothe until it was time to eat.

As long as he did not use the pacifier to FALL asleep at bedtime, I was okay with giving it to him instead of a bottle to settle him down in the middle of the night. That way, we conditioned him to less/no night-feedings.

Jake’s Sleeping Habits Now | 8 Months

Having watched and gotten to know my son, I chose to let him guide our night feedings. Learning how to sleep without a pacifier made an incredible impact. It’s absence helped us know that when he woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep, he was genuinely hungry.

Slowly but surely, his two feedings per night naturally decreased to one feeding per night (usually between 11PM and 2AM).

And, a little over three weeks ago, Jake started sleeping entirely through the night. Going to bed at 7PM, and not waking up until 7:45AM-8AM.

And it was all on his own.

Part of my sleep-training also included making an 8AM wake-up time a habit. I don’t take him out of bed and start his day until at least 7:45AM.

If he wakes up, he can have a pacifier, and he usually conks back out until it’s time to get up.

It’s an incredible feeling seeing my baby grow up. Watching him master sleeping like a big boy and loving bedtime.

Quite frankly, almost before our nightly lullabies are over, he’s squirming to get into bed and sleep.

See ya, mom, I got this! You can go- k thx bye

Now I follow our usual bedtime routine. Still ending with a lullaby, a big hug, kiss, and “mommy and daddy love you so much, have the best sleep ever, goodnight”.

And Jake’s rolled over onto his belly and practically asleep before I leave the room.

Now if he wakes up at night, I watch him on his monitor. He’ll whine a bit, roll around like a rolly-polly, and put himself back to sleep no problem.

The only nights that he struggles are if his teething is particularly painful. If I notice he just can’t get to sleep after a half-hour or so, then I’ll give him some Tylenol, cuddle him for a minute or two, and he’s back to sleep.

The Most Important Things You Should Do For Successful Sleep Training

Be Consistent

No matter what method you choose. Stick to it. Don’t give in because it’s easier. You’re sending confusing messages to your baby, and basically starting from scratch each time you give in.

Get Rid Of Sleep Crutches

Most of the stuff I’ve read says that you should get rid of as many “sleep crutches” as possible when sleep training. That includes swaddles, pacifiers, rocking to sleep, feeding to sleep- etc.

Basically, ANYTHING your child must have to actually fall asleep.

I’m a big fan of this. Removing Jake’s pacifier at night was- literally- game-changing for our sleep training endeavor.

Lay Baby Down AWAKE

This is the ultimate goal of sleep-training. You’ll know you’ve conquered baby sleep once you can set the baby down with their eyes open, and they’ll handle the “falling asleep” part without your intervention. 

(or by using a sleep crutch)

Routine. Routine Routine.

I’m someone who thrives on routine. I love predictability. It’s kinda embarrassing to admit that I’m truly at peace when following a schedule.

Jake seems to benefit similarly. So I’ve made a very concerted effort to regulate his sleeping schedule from a very young age.

This is how I help Jake’s brain prepare for sleep by keeping to this same schedule every night:

  1. Bath every few nights(he has eczema, so I’m real sparing with his baths)
  2. Diaper change upstairs in my room with low lighting
  3. Put on his Owlet Sock(heart monitor)
  4. Lotion/Eczema Cream
  5. Put on PJs
  6. Turn on all white noise in his room(currently an AC and two white-noise makers)
  7. Sit in rocking chair and sing 3 lullabies, in the exact same order
  8. Hugs, Kisses, and Goodnights
  9. Lay Jakey Down in Bed and leave

Usually, by the last lullaby, he’s yawning, rubbing his eyes, and drowsy. He takes care of the rest.

Don’t Go It Alone

If you can, have your partner or a support person help you during this time. Sleep training is physically and emotionally exhausting, so if you have someone who can help you, rely on them.

If you don’t have someone you’re comfortable asking, join an online community for support, encouragement, and advice.

This is the Facebook Group I joined. It’s an absolutely fantastic community full of support and advice. They have great moderators because I’ve never seen a SINGLE rude or confrontational post on ANYTHING.

So, no matter what sleep-training method works for you, you’ll find a group of people you can turn to.

Daytime Naps

So, technically, I never officially nap-trained Jake.

Regulating his night sleep seemed to even out his naps. Which was incredible, because Jake’s naps were absolute dogshit. I was sure I would have a harder time nap-training than sleep-training by a LONG SHOT.

But, just by paying attention and following a semi-flexible schedule based on Jake’s sleepy-cues, Jake started going to sleep in his room (with a pacifier) and sleeping for 1.5-2 hours.

That was just… unheard of. Between night sleeping and better naps, I can focus on my building my business… and let my son get the sleep he needs.

I’ll admit that the past week or so has been a bit rocky with naps, but I wholly believe that’s for three reasons:

  1. Sleeping solidly through the night has warped his daytime sleeping schedule
  2. He’s almost 8-months-old, so his nap schedule is changing
  3. He’s reaching new milestones (lots of standing and even using a little ‘walking trolly’ to walk independently)

I’m pretty sure we’re about to drop down to 2 naps, and I just have to figure out his new nap window.

He’s also become much more independent, and can often play and watch Puppy Dog Pals. At the same time, mommy works at her desk, so his longer waking windows doesn’t impact my ability to get work done.

I also, obviously, flex my schedule around his needs. I usually get up around 6AM. That way, I can get a solid couple of hours before he’s ready for breakfast, and then fit the rest of my work around his needs until around 2-3PM.

Final Thoughts

Ugh, that was a long one, but I knew it would be. I hope that my experience with sleep training has given you confidence once you’re ready to start your own journey.

It truly is a priceless gift you can give yourself and- more importantly- your baby. Giving Jake the tools to sleep on his own has improved his mood and is helping him grow big and strong.

I’m so proud of him, and it feels so incredible that my baby can have a peaceful night time that doesn’t bring about anxiety for him or for me.

It helps me be a better mom. It helps me be a better business owner because I’m not a zombie just trying to survive lol.

So, it definitely can be intimidating, but you can do it. Your baby can do it. 

If you’re waiting on a sign to get started on sleep-training, let this post be that sign.

You got this.

Your baby’s got this.

I wish you all the good vibes, great nights, and LOTS of sleep.

I’d love to hear about your own sleep-training experiences, and please share your tips in the comments below for a new mom who might find them helpful!

Also, it’d be super sick if you subscribe. I really love sharing my motherhood experience with you, and it’d be awesome to have you on that journey.

Thanks for checking out the post, and I’ll chat with ya soon!

20 Baby Products That Helped Me Survive My First 2 Months As A Mom


Hey, Mammas!

I hope you’re doing fabulously today! My beautiful son Jake turned two months old recently, and so I wanted to share my 20 favorite baby products that I cannot IMAGINE getting through those first two months without!

No matter whether you’re looking for some baby registry inspiration; or gift shopping for another expectant mommy in your life, this list of products are all things that I use (practically) every day!

FYI: I am not sponsored by any of these brands or products, they are just a selection of items that I either received as a gift or bought myself, and feel are worth sharing with you!with you!

However, I am using affiliated links, so if you buy something through one of my links, I do get a commission, just FYI

As well as a list of 20 awesome baby products, I’ve also got a new free gift for you, my fellow noob moms!

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    Not to mention, if you’re interested in some of the other exclusive mommy freebies, check out the “Free Stuff” page! There you can download all of the freebies from the L2Mom.com!

    Anyway, let’s get on with this list of my favorite 20 baby products that helped me survive my first 2 months as a mom!


    1 Love To Dream Swaddle UP

    So, I was a big fan of swaddling before my son was even born, and I was determined to get HIM to love swaddling as my first step toward setting up good habits for sleep training.

    Personally, I knew early on that I wasn’t going to bother learning how to swaddle Jake in a traditional blanket. I decided this based on the anxiety of my own ineptitude that I would do it incorrectly and, therefore, put my son in danger. 

    However, I received several of the “easy swaddles” during my shower (the kind that lets you slip them into a “leg-pocket” and fold the pieces of fabric across their body- all of which affixed with velcro).

    These swaddles worked fine in the beginning, and while they did help Jake calm down, it wasn’t long before he was fighting me to get his arms down at his sides- as well as him becoming strong enough to break the swaddle just enough that I was worried he was going to strangle himself.

    While browsing Amazon, I came across the Love To Dream Swaddle, and after reading the rave reviews on the swaddle, I decided to give it a try and see if Jakey would like it.

    Check It Out Here!

    Needless to say, he DID. He was much less fussy when being swaddled because he could keep his little arms arm by his face, while still getting to enjoy the “swaddled” feeling that helps him sleep!


    2 Medela PersonalFit Flex Breast Shields

    Yet another product I discussed in my Breastfeeding post, but these flexible flange attachments were fantastic when I was learning how to pump because they’re comfortable. They also have a great seal, which helps prevent leakage.

       Check It Out Here!

    If you have a Medela pump, I super and strongly suggest giving these a try. They’re so much more comfortable than the rigid plastic flanges that come with your pump.

    3 Jezero Long-Sleeve Nursing Tops

    Okay, this is more of a “mommy” product, but you can’t feed your baby without a proper nursing top, and I LOVE THESE. 

    Check It Out Here!

    The fabric is really high quality, they fit very nicely, and they make me feel nicely covered when I want to be. They come in lots of patterns and colors, I’ve already ordered two sets (so far), and I am most likely going to ordering more.

    4 UpSpring Baby C-Panty C-Section Recovery Panty

    I also mentioned this in my “My Tips For Recovering From A C-Section Without Losing Your Mind” post. Honestly, I think they are a fantastic investment regardless of HOW you deliver your baby. 

        Check It Out Here!

    They’re flattering and excellent for helping shrink your uterus back to it’s proper size. It also helps you feel more comfortable physically, so I definitely recommend them as part of your postpartum arsenal!

    5 Windi

    As with many of the mommy products that I’ve used, the Windi was recommended by another mommy a few weeks before Jake turned 2 months old. Windi is a gas bubble reliever for babies, that, while a bit gross in theory, works INCREDIBLY WELL.

    Check It Out Here!

    Jake has tended to be a pretty gassy baby, and it makes him fussy as hell, and he usually can’t stand being put down. I tried to figure out what could be causing his discomfort in my diet. 

    And though I have yet to identify any specific cause, the Windi has been such an excellent tool in helping relieve Jake’s gas and help him relax.

    It’s not the most glamorous procedure, but it’s super easy, super safe, and it works so well at relieving gas that I cannot recommend it enough!


    6 Side-Sleeper Bassinet

    So, if you co-sleep, this probably won’t be a necessity for you. Still, it might even be worth your consideration for when you decide to transition baby out of your bed/room.

    My little bassinet was a hand-me-down from a wonderful friend, and it has been very helpful to have Jake right next to me, while still giving him the independence that works for our family! 

    I also intend to use it when it comes time to transition him into his own room because maybe it’ll help him be more comfortable with the change in sleeping arrangements.

    7 Zip-Up Pajamas

    I’ve said since Jake was born that, whenever anyone I know is having a kid from now on, at least one of my gifts will be just… dozens of zip-up Pajama onesies. Like, Screw regular onesies, and you can fight me about it.

    Zip up Onesies have been the easiest thing to put on my son. They make everything easier.


    Especially with Jake having been born in colder weather, I can’t really leave him without pants and socks… which are just a pain in the ass to keep on with a wiggly behbeh.

    With zip-up PJ onesies, your troubles are over!

    Just in case you aren’t sure what the fuck I’m talking about, here’s a link!

    8 White Noise Machine

    You want your kid to sleep better, and by extension, YOU sleep better? Then you need a noise machine. The best brand for your baby is up to you, but they’re super integral to helping your kid fall asleep and stay that way for as long as their little body needs!

     This is the noise machine I have, and I love it. I love how small it is. It has tons of different sound settings, as well as an adorable little star-light projection!

    9 Breast Milk Teas & Supplements

    I’m not going to go into detail about any specific breast milk production supplements, but you can read about the milk supply supplements that I used here in my “Breastfeeding Truths & Tips I Wish I had Known About” post.

    As a note: always make sure that you consult your doctor before taking any supplements, as there can be side-effects that you should be aware of.

    10 MustQ 2 Tier Organizer Baskets

    Okay, so I know that cleaning and organizing is the last thing you have time for in those first few months… but if you’re anything like me, clutter causes you anxiety, and sometimes it’s worth setting aside a bit of time in your day to put some stuff in order.

    Check Them Out Here!

    These simple little organizer baskets have been AMAZING. I bought two, and I can store all of his bottles and baby feeding-related accessories neatly on my counter.

    You do have to put them together, but they’re very easy, and they look nice, too.

    11 Diaper Genie

    No doubt you have heard of the Diaper Genie, but I’m still gonna mention it because it’s awesome. I actually received two because of a registry error, but it’s been awesome having one upstairs and one downstairs.

    Check It Out Here

    Yes, this is because I’m lazy… but I accept myself.

    But anyway, while your new baby’s poop is not going to really smell much during the first couple of months, but the moment you start introducing real foods, that’s gonna change REAL QUICK, and the last thing you’re going to want is your kitchen smelling like actual shit!

    Now, I know that there are other versions of this same type of product, but I’ve only used the Diaper Genie, so I can’t rightfully vouch for them personally!

    If you HAVE used one of the other diaper collector cans, feel free to give your thoughts in the comments below!


    12 Medela Milk Collectors

    Now, I’m just referring to Medela because that is the brand of breast pump I use, but I have no doubt you can find sets of extra milk collectors(and lids) for your brand of the breast pump.

    Check Them Out Here

    Now, I think bags are great too, but I only use those for freezing because they save space. Also, the more milk collector cups you have, the less washing you gotta do.

    (again… very lazy)

    13 Freemie Original Cups (Medela Breast Pump Attachment)

    Now, pumping is a less than… glamorous part of your routine as a mom, but a necessary one if you’re feeding your baby breastmilk. 

    Honestly, I find it insanely annoying, and a bit depressing, to have to skulk off and hideaway as you hook yourself up like a cow to a machine and pump.

    I happened across the Freemie Cup attachment for my Medela pump while browsing social media, and if you can’t afford one of those new-fangled portable breast pumps like the “Willow,” the Freemie attachments are a great alternative. 

     Check Them Out Here

    They slip right into your bra, and while you might look a little funny, they’re definitely more discreet and make it very possible that you can hang with your friends without feeling exposed! Also, the cups hold a whopping EIGHT OUNCES each, so you can pump to E without needing to stress!

    Now, as far as I know, they do not have attachments for all breast pumps, but if you do happen to find that your pump is compatible, give them a try!

    14 Cold Humidifier

    Excellent not just for keeping baby from getting dried out and congested, but also a GREAT noisemaker!

    The brand I have is Vicks, and there’s not much more to say about it than that!

    Here’s the humidifier I have, and so far it’s been awesome!

    Vix Starry Night Cool Moisture Humidifier

    The only thing I don’t really like about it is the very bright blue light it emits when turned on.

    15 The Owlet Sock & Baby Monitor App

    As famous as the Diaper Genie, the Owlet Sock is probably a baby product that you have heard of. It was THE main thing, if nothing else, I wanted for my baby, and it’s been an excellent anxiety reliever!

    The sock goes on easily, and the camera’s 1080p resolution is so insane that I can actually SEE him breathing on it. It’s just awesome.

    Check It Out Here

    I would say the only thing I don’t like is that it can be a bit annoying if the sock gets knocked off center- or if the wifi goes down. Otherwise, I can’t say enough good things about it.

    Also, it is obviously sickeningly expensive, and we were only able to have one because my mom was kind enough to purchase one for us.

    While I haven’t used it, there is an alternative product called the Snuza that’s a bit more reasonably priced, that a friend of mine says she loves for her little one!

    Here’s The Link

    16 Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap

    Babies need to be held. A lot. Mommies LOVE to hold their babies. A LOT. 

    Unfortunately, sometimes moms need to do things with her hands. Sadly, even though we can grow OTHER PEOPLE’S hands, we can’t grow a second set of our own.

    Therefore, mammas choose to wear their babies. Now, I’ve tried the traditional baby carrier, and I don’t know if it’s because I’m a very short little mom, or it’s just the nature of the traditional baby carrier, but I honestly really didn’t like it too much.

    I found it difficult to get on, and cumbersome- even a bit claustrophobic for me- and for Jake. I happened to get lucky in Target one afternoon and happened across one of the fabric baby wraps and decided to give it a try.

    Check It Out Here

    Dude, what a much more pleasant experience. Not to mention, you and your baby get to cuddle much more closely this way.

    It takes a couple of tries to get the hang of how to wrap and insert baby, but once you do, I genuinely don’t think there’s a comparison. I don’t feel at all like Jake isn’t safe and secure, and it’s a BILLION TIMES more comfortable and easy to do daily tasks in.

    Moral of the story: wear your baby.

    17 Cortina CX Travel System- By Chicco

    I can’t say good things about the Cortina CX by Chicco. It’s so lovely to be able to just click the car seat into the stroller without having to wrestle Jake in and out of it (which he HATES).

    Check It Out Here

    You may find a car seat and stroller that you like better, but I love this one. The only thing that is kind of weird is how the stroller folds up, but that’s about it.

    18 Boon Drying Rack

    Yep, the good ole’ weird grass-like drying rack that you’ve probably seen an expectant mom receive at every baby shower you have attended in the past 5 years.

    There’s a reason for that.

    As silly and as simple as this drying rack is, it’s awesome, and I use it all-day/every day. 

    Check It Out Here

    They have tons of different styles and sizes, so you can definitely find one that will fit in your kitchen. I even saw on Amazon that they come in more colors than just green, so you don’t have to worry about the intense and vibrant green color clashing with your kitchen decor!


    19 Medela Contact Nipple Shield

    I talked about these in my “Breastfeeding Truths & Tips I Wish I had Known About” post. Even though I transitioned into an exclusive pumper, these little nipple shields were a HUGE help in getting Jake to nurse during the first couple of weeks! They’re super comfortable, straightforward to use, and make breastfeeding wa-a-a-y more comfortable!

    Check It Out Here

    They’re also pretty easy to clean and travel with, so I think they’re pretty great!

    20 Contigo Autospout Ashland Water Bottle

    This might seem somewhat out of place on this list, but breastfeeding/ pumping is so dehydrating and exhausting on your body. You also need a ton of water just to keep your supply up, and so having a good water bottle is essential.

     Check It Out Here

    I’m a big Contigo fan, and this water bottle is great not just because of its capacity options, but it’s straw and comfortable mouthpiece. It just makes drinking water easy, and it helps you keep track of your intake.

    I usually try to fill it up at least two to three times, and it’s just a really helpful water bottle.

    We’ve Come To the End

    Hopefully, this list of faves has given you a few new accessories to make your day a little easier. We all mom different, so if you have a favorite baby product that I haven’t mentioned, say something in the comments below!

    L2Mom is about moms coming together to share stories and tips, after all!

    I hope you have an incredible rest of your day, and I’ll see ya next week!

    P.S: if you have any request as far as printables you’d like me to create, post it in a comment! I’d love to know all about the content that you guys are interested in!

    Take it east, fellow moms!


    Hello, Fellow Moms

    welcome to my mommy blog

    where I share my journey as a new mom in hopes that it might help other noobs like me!

    Hey there!

    My name is Mikenzi (you can call me Kenz). I’m a freelance writer, and more importantly (and pertinently) I’m a very happy new mommy!

    I gave birth to my son, Jake, on November 10th, 2019!

    He came into this world perfectly healthy and beautiful, and his daddy and I couldn’t be more in love with him. (That’s us on the left (duh), both looking equally thrilled to be on camera)

    I never thought I would be a “mommy blogger“, but after 32-hrs of an induced labor that ended in a C-section… I started to think that maybe some of my stories I’ve attained while learning 2 mom could be helpful to other new moms who might be feeling as overwhelmed, confused, and anxious as I was (understatement of the year award goes to…).

    Along with the unbelievable miracle it is be a mommy, and the indescribable love that I feel so fortunate to experience thanks to my amazing little son, I also wanted to talk about all of the unbeautiful things about being a mom that I have experienced.

    Now, I am not doing this to complain or undervalue the absolute joy and happiness that motherhood truly is, but instead to share stories and experiences that made me feel afraid and overwhelmed while it’s all still fresh, so that other moms who might be feeling the same things don’t feel alone.

    I realized that I have never felt such great strength, and the total humility of being just a human-being like I have since becoming a mother.

    The pressure of motherhood I feel is both a privilege, and very FUCKING scary.

    While I was expecting all of the basic “mom stuff” people warn you about: no sleep, no time, the stress of a baby who is crying and you have no idea how to fix it.

    … but what I was not prepared for the stuff that was going to swirl around inside of me. The effort it took to not just grapple with my postpartum body as someone who has always had body image issues, but also with the raging hormones and the existential terror of trying to be a healthy and constructive role model for my little guy.

    I wanna talk about it.

    I wanna talk about it, and laugh about it, and make light of tough shit because, well… that how I cope with most of my anxiety.

    (I guess some things will never change…)

    I wanna talk about this stuff… even if the only person it helps is me

    So, fellow moms, I hope that the time you spend here will be a soothing one. I hope to build a community for moms where we can talk about our tough stuff, our triumphs, and everything in-between.

    I’ll end this by saying: you’re kid is SUPER CUTE, YOU are SUPER GORGEOUS, and that YOU are doing a GREAT JOB!

    Happy New Year!

    -Jake’s Mom