12 More Baby Products That Helped Me Survive My First 6 Months As A Mom

Hi everyone,

I know it’s been a MINUTE since I last checked in, but I’ve been quite the busy bee, and I’ve been total shit at setting aside time to work on my OWN blog.

Jakey has continued to grow into a more incredible little person day-by-day. He’ll be 6 months old on the 10th of May, and he’s currently able to roll all over the place and is just about to start crawling.

Pray for me.

Anyway, since it’s been 4 months since my first post with my favorite baby products for new moms, I am ready to update my list and share with you the products that have been a HUGE help to me in the past six months. Hopefully, they’ll be useful to you!

So let’s get started because even though we’re all stuck in quarantine, we’re still pretty short on free-time.

Real quick: any Amazon links are affiliate links- which means that if you purchase something using one of these links, I’ll get a small commission.

One: Zipadee-zip Sleep Sack

I’ll go into detail about Jakey dealing with the 4-month sleep-regression and sleep-training in an upcoming post. But, for the sake of time, here is a quick run-down of why I bought this sleep sack.

While trying to sleep-train Jake, the biggest hurdle was weaning him off the pacifier and out of a swaddle. Our biggest problem is that Jake’s other soothing mechanism is that he rubs and scratches viciously at his head and face. Like, horrible.

He also has eczema, which doesn’t help at all.

Aside from the obvious, another massive problem with this “soothing technique” was that he would continuously wake himself up because he’s constantly irritating his skin with scratching. So, he would be right on the cusp of sleep without the pacifier, start rubbing his face and start screaming again because he was in pain.

So I needed to find something that could let him move safely in his crib and keep him from scratching his face.

I had heard of the Zipadee-Zip Sleep Sack and decided to give it a shot because… well… they make your baby look like little potato-sack starfish, and they’re adorable.

I’m equally happy to say that, just like how much I love the Love to Dream Swaddle, I am now in love with the Zipadee-Zip.

The material is durable and very soft. It’s perfect for year-round wear, and it comes in sizes up to 3-years-old.

They come in super cute designs, and they’re pretty reasonably-priced. The two swaddles(one in 4-8 month size and one 6-12 month size) have shipped and arrived within a week of ordering. 

They have been awesome in helping Jakey enjoy the security of swaddling, the freedom to safely move around, and keep him from scratching too hard on his face.


Two: Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Body Cream

Like I mentioned earlier, Jake has eczema, and it’s been pretty traumatic on me because he gets some HORRIBLE break-outs. While I suffered from sensitive skin, I never had eczema, so I had little idea what to do.

His Pediatrician prescribed steroid cream, but that didn’t seem to make much difference. I felt so bad watching him struggle with welts and rashes I couldn’t get to go away.

I tried bath treatments and every lotion under the sun I could find.

I happened across the Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Body Cream at my local grocery store, and I was like, “why not”.

I was shocked at the results. After ONE day after using it, Jake’s skin cleared up by about 50%. I almost cried because I was so happy.

(As you can see, he likes it too)

It was so gentle on his skin and super moisturizing. It just works wonderfully. If your little one has eczema and you haven’t tried this baby lotion, I super recommend you give it a try.

Three: Food Ice Cube Trays

So, full-stop, these are kind of stupid, and there are a ton alternatives you could use to accomplish the same thing- but I like them a lot and at least want to mention them.

Once Jakey was able to start eating solids, I’ve much enjoyed making his baby food at home. I wanted some kind of storage tray that was clearly measured to 1 ounce so that I could keep track of how much he was eating.

Obviously, I could’ve found a basic ice cube tray, but I just… I just wanted what I wanted instead of having to test out ice cube trays that may not have been the right measurement.

(Again, I already stated that I recognize this really wasn’t a ‘necessity’ and more just out of convenience)

Well, I found these baby food trays that were not only the accurate measurement but also silicon- so they were super easy to pop the food in and out.

They’re great. I love them, and even though the trays are a little on the pricey side, they store a LOT of food, they’re very well-made, BPA-free, etc.

I am glad that I bought them.

Four: Mommy’s Bliss Little Gums

Another big issue we’ve encountered with sleep-training is poor Jake’s teething discomfort. He’s been teething since he was 2-months old, and they have been driving him crazy ever since. Most nights, I have to give him Tylenol, or he just can’t sleep- especially since we took his pacifier away.

To be honest, I feel a bit lost on this and am unsure what to do.

He also has trouble taking naps because of his teeth. I do everything possible to avoid giving him Tylenol during the day because he’s usually okay(it’s just when he’s falling asleep he doesn’t have anything to distract him from the discomfort) I was looking for something to help relieve his sore gums and teach him how to teeth.

Also, since Jake started teething so early, he didn’t have the motor skills to learn how to use teethers of any kind, even if I held them for him, he really just didn’t quite get it. I also needed something safe for babies to use younger than 3 months. It was a whole thing.

Well, I tried a ton of teething gels, and Mommy’s Bliss Little Gums is by far my favorite. It’s natural and works pretty much immediately.

I pretty much have decided to buy stocks, that’s how often I use it.

Five: Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water Night Time

Thankfully, in recent months, Jake’s gas issues have subsided. He’s pretty good at burping and farting on his own, and he isn’t taking in as much air while drinking from a bottle. Even so, I always keep Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water Night Time on hand because it saved us so many times.

I had a mommy friend tell me to try and mix it with the milk in his bottle, and that was a huge game-changer.

Another great, all-natural thing to keep in the cabinet.

Six: Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo with Organic Calendula

More skin stuff time. Aside from Eczema, Jake just has general sensitive skin (he gets it from me). Taking baths was lovely, but I was worried about the effect it was having on his skin because he suffered from “dry-ass forehead skin”.

I found this baby body wash after it was recommended by one of my husband’s coworkers, and it’s magical.

It smells lovely, it’s so gentle and moisturizing on his skin, and his skin doesn’t have any adverse reactions to it.

Seven: Baby Teething Tube

This was something I saw all over social media. I was really reluctant to buy this thing because Jakey just didn’t like to use teethers. It was pretty expensive(to me) for being just a silicon tube.

I decided to give the Baby Teething Tube a try when I noticed Jake liked to chew on my finger to relieve his sore gums, and since the teething tube was the same basic shape and pretty easy to hold, I ordered it.

It’s the only teething toy that he uses. And he figured it out immediately. I think that it was worth every penny. 

Even though it’s simple, it’s very well made and soft. Jake’s adorably clumsy hands can hold it easily, and it has some lovely texture along one end that provides comfort when he is in the mood to chew.

Eight: Old Keyboard

This one is more of a “LOL” shitpost type entry, but it’s been a big help in my house. If it isn’t obvious, I spend a LOT of time on the computer working (and playing videogames when I can). My husband is also an avid computer-user, so Jakey naturally wants to play with the fun clicky board.

I had an old wireless keyboard, and he loves it. It’s also adorable to watch him smack and smash the keys because he gets so hype.

Nine: Amazon Echo/Google Home

This is going to go hand-in-hand with another product on the list, but we’ll start with these guys.

I was never really into these digital assistant AIs. I just didn’t need them… until my hands were always filled with an adorable baby.

Being able to ask a very polite assistant to do things like “remind me I have a meeting with X client” or “set a timer for 5 mins(so I can remember Jake’s bottle)” or “turn on/off the lights/tv” has been… so helpful.

Am I lazy?


 Could I use my phone for a timer, or use a remote?

Yes, and yes.

But when I’m elbow-deep in a shit-filled diaper or trying to soothe a sleepy baby, being able to just “ask for help” from Alexa or Google has been a pleasant investment for me as a lazy tech-lover.

I don’t mind mentioning these on this list because Echo Dots go on sale often, and I’ve been able to get mine for around $30. While I don’t think it is a parenting necessity… I think anything that makes life a little easier- especially if you’re a work from home mom like me-e-e-e- is worth it.

Ten: GoSund Smart Plug

I mentioned how the Amazon Echo and Google Home went hand in hand with another product, and this is it.

Obviously, Alexa or Google can’t just turn off the lights or the TV, you need some added “smart” hardware to be able to connect them.

These GoSund Smart Plugs not only work GREAT and are easy as hell to set up… but they’re super cheap.

You can 4 of them for $20 on Amazon (I recently just bought a second set)


Eleven: Avent Bottle Warmer

***Quick Note while getting a link for this product, it’s coming up at over $60. I don’t know why, but when I ordered one it was only around the $20 mark***

I almost forgot to include this on my list until I was writing the “Amazon Echo/Google Home”. I’m so glad I remembered.

I originally bought another bottle warmer by Dr. Brown, and I fucking HATED IT. It was $60, and when the store I bought it from told me they couldn’t take it back without a receipt, and I threw it in the trash right then and there.

(I over-reacted)

It just… it just wasn’t pleasant to use at all- and I was desperate for an alternative. I happened across the Avent Bottle Warmer on Amazon, saw the reviews, and since it was only $20, I ordered.

It’s a great bottle warmer. It’s simple, it works, it’s never given me an error message or a problem.

It lacks a timer setting- BUT that’s where Alexa comes in! Whenever I start the warmer, I just ask Alexa to set a timer for me, and I have no problems.

If you’re looking for a reliable, sturdy, cost-effective bottle warmer, this is it. It works so well that it only makes me angrier that I spent so much money on the other bottle warmer.

Twelve: Dragon Fit High-Waist Yoga Leggings

Just like in my last post, I wanted to include something specifically for mom. Mom-bod has been tough to deal with. I’m struggling with it, but I’m also accepting where I am now and that once I fully heal from my C-section, I can get back to working out the way I like.

In the meantime, I just wanted a pair of comfortable leggings with pockets. 

I’m happy to report that these leggings not only have MULTIPLE deep pockets but are also comfy and flattering. These leggings are available in tons of different colors, and I would say the sizing is pretty accurate.

They’re also very opaque, so I don’t have to worry about anyone seeing my underwear.

Hope You Found Something New To Try…

Thanks for popping by this post, I hope some of the products I have shared will be helpful to you. If you’ve used any of these items, or have a recommendation of your own for other moms, please definitely share it.

If you aren’t already, make sure to subscribe because I’ll be talking about sleep-training.

I’ll also be posting a follow-up with my thoughts about the Willow Breast Pump. Since I’ve had it for a few months and think I have a pretty good grip on how to use it.

Until then, stay safe and sane, fellow mommas!

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