What A New Mom REALLY Wants For Valentines Day

Alright, this post is actually for the life partners of new mommies. That’s right, so fellow noob moms, go ahead forward this post to your partner and skedaddle out of the room.

I dunno… go watch Netflix or something…

Alright… is she gone?

Are you sure?

Alright, good.

Now that your new mom is out of the way- let’s get down to business, my dear support person.

Firstly: how are you? Are you doing alright? 

I know that sometimes you get lost in the fray when the baby comes, so I just wanted to take a second and let YOU know that you’re ALSO doing a great job, and your new mom appreciates everything you do. 

With Valentines Day approaching, I know it might be hard to find a spare moment to yourselves to celebrate, so I wanted to create this helpful little post as a means of sharing with you precisely what your new mom really wants for Valentine’s Day.

Sure, by all means, grab her some flowers, chocolates, anything she might like- but if you really want to put a huge smile on her face, then stay tuned, because this post is going to tell you precisely how to do it. 

So let’s talk about…

What A New Mom REALLY Wants For Valentine’s Day.


I’m going to make this easy. I’m putting THE top gift as our first entry- emphatic order be damned. If you want to give your precious new mom the best Valentine’s Day ever, then give her a full night’s sleep– hell, if you’re feeling spicy, give her a few!

There’s nothing she wants- or needs– more right now than a solid night’s sleep. So, if you can help her out as much as possible, then do so. 

It might be tough if your new mom is choosing to breastfeed exclusively, but even if you sit with her during the feedings, or see if she’s willing to do a bit of extra pumping throughout the day if she can that could cover the night feedings!

But even if you just sit up with her during those lonely hours of the wee morning, rub her back, tell her how great of a job she’s doing- those are the types of gestures that will be the greatest gift.

An Empty Sink

Nothing gets neglected like housework when a new baby comes. Even though a baby takes up a ton of her attention, it doesn’t mean that the sink full of dishes, or the unmade bed, aren’t driving your new mom absolutely crazy.

If you want a sure-fire way to make her Valentine’s Day rock, see if you can find the time to tidy up! Maybe even convince her to take a nap once the baby goes down(again, sleep is king), and you can have a lovely clean house ready for her when she wakes up.

Clean Hands

You both probably have never handled so much shit in your lives… literally

It’s no joke how often such a tiny body can produce so many dirty diapers. Do your special new mom a solid, take on diaper duty for the day. Taking on diapers for the day is ESPECIALLY helpful if your new mom is exclusively breastfeeding, as all of the baby’s feedings are most likely on her to perform.

To her, just knowing she has those few extra minutes of free time afforded to her can make a HUGE difference. 

Not to mention, diaper changes can be a pretty fun way to get that extra bonding time in with your little one!

To FINALLY Finish That One Episode of That ONE Show On Netflix

Sometimes the best gift can just be getting through one episode of her favorite show without having to pause it to tend to a crying baby, so give mamma a break, leave her with a gift basket of her favorite snacks to binge-watch her favorite show, and hang with the little one for a few hours.

At-Home Spa Day

Even though mommy might normally enjoy visiting the spa, early motherhood means she might lack the energy, and maybe even a bit of the desire to be away from the baby so long.

So, why not bring a spa day to her?

Buy her a little basket of bath soaps, bath bombs, lotions- you get the idea…  Light some candles and throw a few rose petals around that freshly cleaned bathroom, and let the love of your life enjoy a little homemade R&R while you and baby are right down the hall where she can get her fill of baby cuddles whenever she wants.

Hell, if you want to go all-out, have a massage therapist make a house call, and you can either give her a private massage in the living room; or have a friend or family member pay a visit so they can care for the baby while you both enjoy a couple’s massage.

Hell… there comes the point when, if mommy could just sneak in a hot shower, it could feel like a spa day in itself.

Hopefully, it’s easy to see that the undercurrent of all of these gift ideas is quite simple… 

Your new mom needs a bit of relaxation. Sometimes she won’t even realize she needs the break, but that’s where you come in, ever-so-important support partner. You can be that safety net that catches her when she’s running on E. 

Your role is so important, and support and love is truly the greatest gift you can give a new mom. Even something as seemingly simple as: “you’re doing a great job” can mean the world to her.

But that doesn’t mean your new mom might not enjoy a trip to the spa.

It couldn’t hurt.

You know what…? Go ahead and get her the gift card to the spa to be safe…

Alright, friends, no matter how you choose to celebrate, may you have a pretty stellar Valentine’s Day!

Yeah, I know it’s a corporate construct developed to sell needless merchandise and overly expensive cards… but hey, think of it as an excellent excuse for some tasty takeout, if nothing else.

Take it easy!

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