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welcome to my mommy blog

where I share my journey as a new mom in hopes that it might help other noobs like me!

Hey there!

My name is Mikenzi (you can call me Kenz). I’m a freelance writer, and more importantly (and pertinently) I’m a very happy new mommy!

I gave birth to my son, Jake, on November 10th, 2019!

He came into this world perfectly healthy and beautiful, and his daddy and I couldn’t be more in love with him. (That’s us on the left (duh), both looking equally thrilled to be on camera)

I never thought I would be a “mommy blogger“, but after 32-hrs of an induced labor that ended in a C-section… I started to think that maybe some of my stories I’ve attained while learning 2 mom could be helpful to other new moms who might be feeling as overwhelmed, confused, and anxious as I was (understatement of the year award goes to…).

Along with the unbelievable miracle it is be a mommy, and the indescribable love that I feel so fortunate to experience thanks to my amazing little son, I also wanted to talk about all of the unbeautiful things about being a mom that I have experienced.

Now, I am not doing this to complain or undervalue the absolute joy and happiness that motherhood truly is, but instead to share stories and experiences that made me feel afraid and overwhelmed while it’s all still fresh, so that other moms who might be feeling the same things don’t feel alone.

I realized that I have never felt such great strength, and the total humility of being just a human-being like I have since becoming a mother.

The pressure of motherhood I feel is both a privilege, and very FUCKING scary.

While I was expecting all of the basic “mom stuff” people warn you about: no sleep, no time, the stress of a baby who is crying and you have no idea how to fix it.

… but what I was not prepared for the stuff that was going to swirl around inside of me. The effort it took to not just grapple with my postpartum body as someone who has always had body image issues, but also with the raging hormones and the existential terror of trying to be a healthy and constructive role model for my little guy.

I wanna talk about it.

I wanna talk about it, and laugh about it, and make light of tough shit because, well… that how I cope with most of my anxiety.

(I guess some things will never change…)

I wanna talk about this stuff… even if the only person it helps is me

So, fellow moms, I hope that the time you spend here will be a soothing one. I hope to build a community for moms where we can talk about our tough stuff, our triumphs, and everything in-between.

I’ll end this by saying: you’re kid is SUPER CUTE, YOU are SUPER GORGEOUS, and that YOU are doing a GREAT JOB!

Happy New Year!

-Jake’s Mom

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